We provide natural health products (i.e., Herbs, Teas, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutraceuticals, Essential Oils,  Homeopathic Remedies, Probiotics, Natural Antibiotics, Cold & Flu products, Berry Juices, Protein Powders, Raw Milk, Alkaline Water, Raw Honey, Weight Loss, and many other natural products) to the upstate community. In addition, we provide the following services:

  • We conduct a complete symptom evaluation profile and discuss our customized naturopathic recommendations with the client.

  • We offer research services for customers that want more information on how a prescribed drug work in the body and the potential documented side effects. 

  • We discuss in great detail the benefits of eating a diet that is compatible with a person's  blood type. In addition, we sell books that covers blood type dieting in it's entirety.

  • We offer advice and stress the importance of establishing a preventive health approach to living a healthier lifestyle. 

In closing, our product and service prices are very competitive and our customer service is second to none. Stop by and visit with us and experience a refreshing approach to living a natural healthy lifestyle. You will be glad you did!