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  • Shakin' Not Stirred5:04
  • Last Summer4:45
  • Borders4:19
  • Sweet Surrender4:45
  • The Panama Cat5:03
  • Take Five5:27
  • Body Language4:26
  • Revelation of the Heart5:10
  • Highway 14:30
  • Stay With Me4:48
  • Breathe Again4:23
  • World as One3:31
  • Looking Glass4:41
  • Undercover4:51
  • Indigo4:01
  • Code Blue4:02
  • Alone With You4:16
  • My Love5:34
  • Avenue3:59
  • Movin' On4:06
  • Velvet Rope4:25
  • Aerial4:28
  • Give Me the Night [Chill Night Mix]4:49
  • It's Gonna Be Alright4:03
  • Silence3:47
  • Miles Away4:31
  • Gerald Albright4:44
  • Philadelphia5:53
  • Nightingale5:47
  • You'll Never Find4:35
  • After Hours4:16
  • Fat Jack & Domino4:40
  • Sooki Sooki5:09
  • Funky Is as Funky Does5:09
  • It's Gonna Be Alright4:03
  • Miles Away4:31
  • You'll Never Find4:35
  • Nightingale5:47
  • Philadelphia5:53
  • Feel the Love3:51
  • You're the One3:59
  • Kabanos4:38
  • Slow Brew5:22
  • I'm Loving You4:14
  • Summer Strut4:20
  • Smile4:13
  • Remove Your Halo4:23
  • A-L-J3:32
  • Music Box [#]5:24

Jazz music is a powerful four dimensional healing force, it works physically, mentally,

emotionally, and spiritually. Therefore we ask you to click on the PLAY Button below

and experience the soothing healing power of Jazz music played by some of our best and brightest artists. Enjoy!!!!!